Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Latest (Un)dead Celebrity - The Game

If you're struggling to remember who Jayceon Terrell Turner (aka The Game) is, then that's probably because, despite a stellar start to his rapping career with The Documentary, he's not recorded an album in the last two years.

However, he is going to be releasing a new album in August and I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with rumours that hit the internet yesterday that he had been shot dead on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Cue media attention and extensive trending searching on 'the game dies in shooting'...

Of course, like so many of the other rumoured deaths that have been circulating the internet in recent weeks, this is also false. The Game is in fact alive and well and has been tweeting to that effect.

I am certain that no one connected, in any way, to The Game decided that a death hoax would be a great way to get him back into the eyes of the media. I am equally sure that it is purely a coincidence that this would happen in the lead up to a new album release after a couple of years away from the limelight...

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