Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apparently, I'm an internet millionaire...

Cubestat is a site that is intended to calculate the number of visitors, the amount of advertising revenue and the overall value of a website.

If you use it to check out one of the most popular blogs in the world - Huffington Post (which is ranked as the Number 1 blog on Technorati) - then you will find that it gets over 6 million page visits, generates almost $19,000 in daily advertising revenue and is worth almost $14 million.

However, somehow, this blog that you are currently reading - which was created six days ago - is outstripping that by far. In fact, according to Cubestat, I'm getting 125 million visitors a day, earning $375,000 in daily advertising revenue and have a site worth $273 million. Not bad going for a blog that's less than a week old, eh?

And it's not just Cubestat who are slightly overestimating Pulse of the Net - Alexa, who rank web statistics are of the impression that this blog is linked to by over 430,000 sites...

I intend not to complain about these slight discrepancies with reality and am now considering putting Pulse of the Net on the market for a one-time-special, bargain basement price of $100 million. Any takers?

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