Thursday, June 10, 2010

Google Backgrounds, Swapped Husbands and Russell Crowe...

Image, Reuters

Google appeared right at the top of its own trends for much of today after its decision to radically alter its home page. If you have happened to visit Google today then you will likely not have failed to notice that, where there used to be a plain white background, there now sits a picture of a field, or a porcelain pig, or Lindsay Lohan on stilts (ok, I might have made the last one up), etc.

Now me, personally, I don't care. Picture, no picture - I'm there for that search bar at the top so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me. But, it would seem I am very much in the minority as no sooner had the change hit, then the internet was awash with a wave of 'remove Google background' searches; in fact, enough of them for it make headline news.

And, with such a monumental internet upheaval going on, it would be very easy for many of today's trending topics to get lost in the rush. But, fear not, that's why I'm here!

Marie Anne Thiebaud hit the trends earlier, much as she had done last year when it was announced that Shania Twain and her husband, Mutt Lange, were splitting up due to the fact he was having an affair with her friend and secretary, Marie Anne Thiebaud. However, Marie was hitting the headlines today because Shania walked out with her new beau, Frederic Thiebaud.

'That's a curious coincidence', you are probably saying to yourself at this moment. Swiftly followed up by 'I would never have thought Thiebaud was such a common name'.

To which I say - 'no, it's not' and 'NO, it's NOT!'

Yes, that's right - Shania Twain is now dating the ex-husband of the ex-friend/secretary who is currently dating Shania Twain's ex-husband. Surely it's not just me who finds that a little on the bizarre side?

Oh, and Russell Crowe is not dead.

I wanted to tell you because, sitting at the very top of the trends this evening is the currently circulating rumour that Russell Crowe is dead. According to various internet sources, Russell Crowe died from a fall while filming in Austria. However, it's just not true.

Russell Crowe is the latest celebrity to fall foul of the hugely quick, often largely mindless, viral capabilities of the internet. Last week it was James Avery (aka Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and Mark Calaway (aka The Undertaker), this week it's Russell Crowe. None of them are dead. Yet.

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