Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweet FA...

I'm away from the PC for one day and return to find a whole host of trends swirling around madly -not unlike Cyclone Phet which is charting higher and higher in Google trends as it approaches Pakistan - but only a few of the myriad trends really caught my eye and interest...

The recall of 12 million cadmium spiked Shrek glasses by McDonalds certainly deserves a mention. Mainly because it made me think that Ronald McDonald is probably, right now, torturing his way through a wide range of McDonald's middle management to find out just who made such a ridiculously costly mistake.

And, of course following on from the surge in interest in cadmium spiked Shrek glasses was a similar surge in interest as people began to google 'cadmium' - most likely in the hope of (a) finding out what the hell cadmium is, and (b) understanding if it is, indeed, bad for you. If you're a tad curious (but not so curious as to go googling yourself) then:

a) It's a blueish white metal similar to zinc and mercury.

b) It has both high toxicity and high carcinogenicity. This a bad thing.

Also riding high in the trends of today was the injury to Rio Ferdinand that sees him unable to play for England in the 2010 World Cup, let alone be their Captain. This is in keeping with England's need to suffer a catastrophic injury as quickly as possible in the World Cup finals to ensure that their (already infinitesimally small) chance of winning is reduced. In 2006, Michael Owen had the decency to at least wait until the third game of the World Cup before collapsing in a small, and untidy heap. Rio Ferdinand, however, decided to go one better and managed to injure himself in his first training session since England have flown to South Africa. I think Rio should be congratulated for his efficiency; to improve upon this sterling effort, perhaps in 2014 we can have our star player injure himself in the taxi to the airport?

But, the final trend that I missed in a day away from the PC was that today was National Donut Day. How did I miss hearing about this earlier? The one day of the year I can eat as many doughnuts as I want (and have an excuse - I'm just doing my bit for world peace and harmony, etc.) and I don't find out about it until it's too late to go and buy a doughnut? Aargh!

I will therefore be getting absolutely nothing. Hopefully, a Rio Ferdinand-less England won't suffer the same fate in South Africa later this month...

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