Thursday, July 1, 2010

'Kin Useless

A few months ago, the Microsoft Kin was trending as it launched in a sea of publicity in which Microsoft's Robbie Bach declared "This is aimed at 15- to 30-year-olds who are social-networking enthusiasts" and that the Kin is "for people who live to be connected, share, express and relate to their friends and family."

Obviously, there weren't a whole lot of those people around as the Microsoft Kin is trending for an altogether different reason today - Microsoft have killed it, only 48 days after it was launched...

Analysts are using the word 'disaster' and 'failure' with alarming (for Microsoft) alacrity as cancelling a product which has taken two years to develop, and which utilised a large advertising budget, within such a short space of time is fairly unprecedented. Indeed, the 48 day lifespan of the Microsoft Kin is the shortest ever for a Microsoft product.

I'm sure Bill Gates is toasting executives over hot fires right now to find out exactly how Microsoft managed to miscalculate both audience and demand. Currently looking like a right 'Kin mess for Microsoft...

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