Friday, June 18, 2010

Pet Dog Inherits $11 million estate...

Currently trending high is the story of the recently deceased Miami heiress, Gail Posner who has apparently left a considerable bulk of her fortune to her pet chihuahua, Conchita.

While she was alive, it is fair to say that Gail Posner did slightly spoil her pet pooch - it had weekly luxury spa appointments, wore a $15,000 Cartier necklace and was driven around in it's own gold Cadillac Escalade - but, upon her death, she took the spoiling to hitherto unheard of levels when she bequeathed Conchita a $3 million trust fund and her $8.3 million, 7 bedroom, Miami mansion.

Ms. Posner's son, Bret Carr, is (strangely enough) less than impressed that his mother left her dog assets worth over $11 million while he received $1 million and has gone to court to get the will revoked. He argues that her aides manipulated her into altering her will before she died - while I imagine said aides would argue it is purely a coincidence that they were left $26 million and the right to live in the mansion along with Conchita.

Only time will tell if the will is overturned - in the meantime, Conchita is still enjoying her reign as World's Most Spoiled Dog...

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