Monday, June 14, 2010

Vuvuzelas, Bad Perez Hilton and Aggressive Politicians...

Vuvuzelas. A week ago, very few people outside of South Africa had even heard of a vuvuzela; now, it seems you can't go anywhere without hearing one.

The vuvuzela, for those who've been living in the wilderness (and thus haven't been bothered by its monotonous droning), is a 3 foot (1 metre) long horn blown in football stadiums with some fervour. The demonic buzzing sound they make has largely obliterated the sound of fans cheering and singing and has evoked complaints from TV companies (who claim the vuvuzela causes all kinds of trouble for their audio), from spectators (who complain of deafness) and even from players (who apparently can't hear their team mates shouting to them).

And, while arguments rage back and forth as to whether they should be banned in stadiums, they are trending highly today - mainly, it would seem, because people are buying them to ensure that the ungodly hum can be exported from the stadiums of South Africa to the urban landscape of the UK. Sainsburys apparently sold 22.000 of them in 12 hours before the England game. So, even if FIFA does decide to call time on the din inside the stadiums, don't expect you've heard the last of vuvuzelas for some time yet!

Moving on from things that exist mainly to annoy people, we next look at politicians. Oh wait, we didn't move far, did we?

Congressman Bob Etheridge did his best to ensure that politician's reputations remain firmly in the gutter by going psycho on two students hoping to interview him on the street. However, one person likely unimpressed by 'Mad Bob' is John Prescott who demonstrated a far more robust approach in 2001 when a protester hit him on the head with an egg. Based upon this, Bob clearly needs to up his game...

And finally, it would be impossible to discuss the trends of the day without a mention for Perez Hilton and his twitter post that may yet well get him into a lot of trouble. Perez Hilton - an American blogger renowned for his coverage, and criticism of all manner of celebrities - got hold of a nude upskirt photo of Miley Cyrus and posted it on his twitter account. Miley Cyrus who is 17. Which is of course skirting (oh, see what I did there!) with child pornography. Viewers of said photo claim it looks to be faked but, whether this will be enough for Mr. Hilton to escape the attention of the law, we'll just have to wait and see...

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